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 The mountainous area of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills is a banquet of flowers and living all micronations or tribe with brotherhood and harmony. Dhond {Abbasi} is largest micronation as its population but Karlal, Satti, Ketwal the oldest and real micronatiop[n, Gakhars, Awans, Sayeds, Goojars, Khakha, Bumba, Rajpoot, Bhati, Rehmanis, and many others living there. Before Islam this area was dominated by Hindu Khashteria tribe worshiped goddess Kohala Devi in Dewal temple. Kethwal tribe embraced Islam in 1090 and than Muslim micro nations increased their size and now no non-Muslim is in the area.

Dhond Abbasi

Dhond Abbasi tribe is a large as population in Circle Bakote and Murree hills. Dhond Abbasi's are as forth in NWFP, as First in Hazara Division and as seven in Punjab by population. They have their own language called Pahari & Hindko also known as Dhondi, and they completed revolutionized culture and civilization. No person from Dhond tribe is non-Muslim, they all are belonged to Sunnies sect of Islam.Dhond Abbasi tribe is dhondi/kareali  language speaking people is descendant of Shah Wali Khan whose nickname was Dhond Khan. Dhonds are a martial and an intelligent tribe if Circle Bakote and Murree Hills. They are belonging to Hadhrat Abbas, the real uncle of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed in Muslim Holy city of Macca. They came in power as Abbasid destiny and governed 500 years on Baghdad, Iraq as a center of Muslim Ummah. Abbasids 1st delegate came Taxila, India where they constructed a masque and started preaching of Islam by the order of Caliph Haroon Al-Rashid on 844 AD. An Abbasi scholar Abu Fadhal taught a Kashmiri King Onti Vermon on 882, and he translated Holly Quran in Hindi Bhasha 1st time in Indian history from Alif Lam Meem to Sorah Yasin. A Circle Bakote historian Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi wrote in his book Tarikh-o-Tamaddun-e-Kosar that in 1025 AD Raja Mell of Jhelum who also governed over Circle Bakkote and Murree Hills, embraced Islam by Mehmood Ghaznawi and constructed a fort at Malkote, Malpur near Islamabad and Malal Bagla opposite of east of Birote in AJK. He died in Jhelum. In 1021, local government of Gakhers, take place in Kohsar by an authority document of Mehmood Ghaznavi, that a time Gakhers contacted Dhonds in Delhi. Dhond Abbasis were living there, an ancestor Poro Khan came and settled there in 880 AD. Noh Khan was his son borne 900 AD. In 968, Karlal chief Sardar Galler Khan came in Circle Bakote from Turkey and settled there. Dhond Chief Sardar Taeq or Taif Khan met with Sabaktagin, the father of Mehmood Ghaznawi at Kabul in 975 AD and joined his army among other family members. This royal honeymoon continues until 17 attacks of Mehmood Ghaznawi than they became allies and guards of Gakhers Tribe of Kohsar and Potohar. There are two major Abbasi (Dhound Abbasi) families are living in Banda Jaat one is headed by Haji Mirdad Khan Abbasi other is headed by Haji Allah Dad Khan Abbasi (Paharlal), Haji Allah Dad's family is in majority and have very good political and social influence. Their Father Noor Ahmed Abbasi son of Amir Ullah Khan Abbasi migrated to city center Supply Abbottabad (old name Rush) in the sake of Education and Bread winning before Pakistan from Banda Khair Ali Khan, However their old 50% family members (Cusions of Amir Ullah Abbasi & Noor Ahmed Abbasi) are still based in Banda Khair Ali Khan with wast majority and great influence. There is another Abbasi Tribe with thick culture and sociality is based in Bandi Dhoundan. Most of the senior members of this family are well settled and new generation is well qualified educated. From this Family (Haji Allah Dad Khan Abbasi Tribe) Most successful person (with the grace of Allah Almighty) named Shahid Akram Abbasi is first MBA from Dhond Abbasi <Pahar Lal> Family of Shaikh-ul-Bandi, Banda Dilzak, established his own House, Street & Colony Names with the family name of Abbasi Occupied the land from Haji Mirdad Khan Abbasi And is prominent Person working abroad with Son of Late King Faisal's Group of Companies as a Financial Controller, (He traveled Middle East, Europe, Africa and whole Gulf. (He is first Abbasi family member who have white color Overseas Job of this level ) He is also the first Abbasi person who wrote two books over Computer Science (English & Urdu) in 1999 and delegated to his Late Father Mohamed Akram Abbasi Ex Officer/Banker of National Bank of Pakistan, Abbottabad who have Four sons Wahid Akram Abbasi, Imran Akram Abbasi (Business men in Gulf) & Waqas Akram Abbasi (Student). Haji Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi is also one of Prominent member of Abbasi Family from Banda Dilzak and is highest ranking banker (SVP) of Banda Dilzak in Habib Bank Ltd. Mr. Mohamed Shafique Abbasi is the highest ranking FPO Officer of this tribe. Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Abbasi is role model of nobility and courage for next generation is very humble and polite person who is one of the influential person in politics & social developments of the local region. The other prominent members of Abbasi family are Mirdad Khan Abbasi, Haji Allah Dad Abbasi, Retd. Sub. Iqbal Abbasi, Mohamed Akram Abbasi (late), Mohamed Aslam Abbasi, Tahir Iqbal Abbasi Local Singer is unforgettable to describe here. They are all next to kin of Ameer Ullah Abbasi. Jabreal is sub-tribe of Dhond Abbasi main tribe of Circle Bakot. Name Jabreal derived from the name of Sardar jabro khan the for father of there family jabraal are very well known in the whole Union Council Malkot. Lala Gul Khitab Abbasi and haji abdul razaq abbasi (Nazim UC Malkot) and Allah Ditta Abbasi (A D Abbasi) chief editor Hill news belong to this family. They all have rich political background and political power. (For further study read HISTORY OF DHOND ABBASI TRIBE in Urdu)


Karlal (also kard'al, karaal, karhral or kiraal) is the name of a tribe found in the Abbottabad and Huripur districts of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Their chief Sardar Ghallar khan came from Turkey. Kiraal or karaal means "Son of Ghallar


Goojars are known as choudhries and are the natives of the area. This is the one of very Old nations from the world, the history of the goojars starts with or before the age of Greece(Unani). In the history, this is known that this tribe has also fight again Alexander The Great known as 'Sikandar-e-Azam' in the peak of the Alexander, when Alexander attack on an Area of Gurjars to occupy. The original word was Gurjar, which replaced by Goojar. There are about 60 or more sub-casts of Goojars. The main of them are 'Khatana','Chohan','Kasana','Gorsi','Chechei','Koli','Phambra', 'Sherpao (Patahn)','Pawar'and many others. Choudhry Rehmat Ali the founder of word 'Pakistan' and Choudhry Ghulam Abbas, the Leader of Kashmir Freedom Movement in 1947, which was later known as 'Mulim Conference', were goojars. The majority of Kashmiris are Goojars, they speak Goojri as a mother-tongue. Goojri is the old one language which has its effects on many other languages, like kashmiri, Nepali, brohi, Hindko, Urdu and other languages spoken in Himalayan areas and other related mountains areas. This nation is spread over long boundaries of Asis and Eastern Europe, In Pakistan, they belong to all Provinces e.g. Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Baloch and Kashmiris. This nations also consists of Hindus and a Major Part of Sikhs and other Indian casts. Indar Kumar Gujral, the ex-PM of India, Rajesh Pailet Chohan and Sharad Pawar are the Indian Goojars. Many of Sikhs are from the sub-cast of Chohan. This tribe is also spread over Russia and Russian states and goes to Europe side. 'Goojri' is the mother-tongue of this nation. In old age Gujrat was the base of Goojars of Sub-continent. There are also a tribe, which called 'Gujar', this is different from 'Goojars' and has no link to 'Goojars' They called 'Bakarwal' in Kashmir and Hazara and were known as 'Gouchers' (who deals with cattels like Buffalows and cows) in Punjab. with growing age, they replace Bakarwal and Goucher with Gujar. Goojars are very educated and civilized in Gujrat, Sialkot and other part of Indo-Pak Punjab and Kashmir. They called 'Sardar' and 'Malik' in Frontier province of Pakistan In more areas they are known by their sub-cast.

Satti micronation is also a small micronation and a few groups living in Circle Bakote and largest by population in Kotli Sattian, south east of Murree Hills.

Gakhars Kayani

Gakhars also known as Kayani are a prominent tribe of Circle Bakote. They are of Iranian origin and according to Shahnameh written by Persian Poet Firdowsi in 1000 AD, their ancestors ruled for centuries. They have written and documented history going back to thousands of years BC. (See also Gakhars )

Alvi Awan
Alvi Awans are an intellectual and founder of religio modern education in Birote and well known micronation of the Circle Bakote. They are the descendants of the fourth Caliph Hadhrat Ali. They are scattered throughout the region of Circle Bakote and are comprised in majorities in areas like Abbottabad, Birote Thandiani, Nathia Gali e.t.c They mainly comprise of rich middle class people. Martail Race by the British. Awans fought valiantly against the Sikh and the British and were the first of the region to support the banner of Muslim League. They were always in favour of Pakistan and many prominent members of the Muslim League were Awan. Mohabbat Husain Awan is a thinker and scholar of Awan tribe of Circle Bakote who wrote one dozzen books especially Tareekh-e-Alvi Awan, Awan Tareekh Ke Aene Man, Awan Gotain and a unique book on life of Holy Prophet Muhammedn named Assan ne Nabi Pak Hore first time in local Dhondi/Karheali Language. He belonged to Taj Mohammedal Awan family of Birote. Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi is also a famous journalist belonged to Naik Mohammedal family of Birote. Other important personalities of Awan tribe of Circle Bakote are Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti, first Arabic, Persian and Urdu poet of Kohsar Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi, first head teacher of vernicular School Birote Molana Ismail Alvi, First scholar of Deoband (India) Molana Dafter Awan, first graduate of Birote in 1919 from prestigious Gordon Gollege Rawalpindi Mohammed Suleman Alvi, First surveyor of census department of India who surveyed of population and micronations of Circle Bakote in 1891 and 1901 Mohammed Ji Alvi, first freedom fighter of Kashmir Independent Movement and embraced martyrdom in Srinagar in 1931 and step-son of Pir Bakoti Molana Abd-u-Rehaman Awan, first mathematics PhD laureate of Pakistan and senior Professor in COMSATS University, Dr. Tahira Horon.. (See also ALVI AWANS OF BIROTE)


There are two kinds of Seyeds, one is Meshadi, migrated from Rahi Lora of District Abbottabad living in Birote and second is Bokhari Syed migrated in mid of 19th century and living in Kahu Sharqi, Ali Abad (Pichbhanna) Bhan (Birote Khurd) (See also Syed of Birote)


This tribe migrated from Hawailian, District Haripur in 1876 and stayed in Basian and Osia Murree. A few houses are founds in Basian now. Very important personality of Jadoon tribe in Circle Bakote was Qazi Abd-ul-Haq Jadoon who performed pilgrimage of Mecca on foot, Master Khateeb-u-Rehman and Molana Saeed-u-Reahman . Fakhr-u-nesa Jadoon is the first Poetess of Dhondi language of the Area, living in Kherindi Birote Khurd. Dr. Malik Mehmood of Osia Murree is also belonged to Jadoon family. In Basian Jadoon Salar Zai sub tribe families are living, many of them migrated to Rawalpindi after 5 October 2005 earthquake tragedy. (See also Jadoon of Basian, UC Birote)

Kathwals Rajpote

Mentioned tribe is very influential and expert of footwear making, no political candidate can ignore them for their vote power. New generation of Ketyhwal  Rajpoot tribe changed their professions and they act a very important role in socio-political culture. They servicing in Pakistan Air force and Pakistan Ordinance Factory. They are operating a supper-store in New York USA. Main personalities ao tribe are Mohammed Hafiz Rajpoot, Mohammed Aslam Rajpoot, Abdusamad Rajpot and Isar Rajpot of Birote, Yaqoob Khan (Govt Contractor in British era) of Basian. They have an attested family tree with them. They claimed that their history is as long as Aryans and they are real and ancient guardians of Kohsar.


There are only two tribes of Qureshies in UC Birote, one in Thela (Basian) and other in Termuthean. Qureshie of Basian called NEAYALS Termuthean called Dhannials. Important personalities Neayal Qureshies are Col. Mushtaq Qureshi, Irshad Ahmed Qureshi, Molana Hafiz Qureshi, Qazi Zafir-ul-Haq (a teacher of Osia High School and Hakim of Presidant Zea-ul-Haq). (Read More)


There are people living in the area belonging to every walk of life but some professions had been vanished by time and some are changing their shape. Vanished professions are singers (Mirasies), Qaswies (Jolahas), Leather makers (Chamears) and barbers plus penis cutters (Naies) Kalals (Poters) and agriculture (Zimidari).